Why “New Year, New Me” is Complete B.S.!

The time of the new year is upon us. You know what I mean too. It’s time for all of you and your friends to start posting that “New Year, new me” bullshit. Or my favorite “2017 is going to be my year”. But LET ME TELL YOU WHY THAT’S BULLSHIT.

I usually try to build people up instead of crush all their hopes and dreams..but at the same time I like to be one of the few people on this Earth who are realistic about things. Every-single-year we go through the same rigamarole of sad sad shit that you people post for the world to see on social media. According to you, 2016 has been the worst year ever and starting in 2017, you’re going to be a new person and this year is going to be better. But deep down inside we both know that we are going to go through this all over again throughout the next 365 days of 2017; because lets be honest…you want attention.

“Starting new” is completely over-rated and absolutely foolish. So what? Just because it’s a particular day and one digit changes on the year mark, you’re all of a sudden going to be this completely new and successful person? I don’t think so. Not unless you win the Powerball in which case, I salute you. You’re still going to wake up and go to the same job you have been going to, in the same home you’ve been living in. You’ll go through the year and then repeat the same self-loathing, downward trend that leads you to posting that stupid “In 2017” bullshit.

Now, being who I am, I don’t point out a problem and not come up with a solution because that’s the opposite of productive. So, how about instead of making false promises to yourself that the next year will be different and you’ll be “brand new” you learn how to do this little thing I like to call progression. Instead of looking back on your year and cry-babying about how things didn’t go your way, chalk up your down points to “lessons learned” and move the hell on. Take what you’ve learned and keep going on. Didn’t lose the weight you wanted to? Educate yourself and change your diet and exercise regiment. Had some financial trouble? Budget your money better next time shit head. Someone betray your trust? bet you’ll think twice before letting other people in. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and posting shit on Facebook just so that you can get attention to help soothe your confirmation bias and actually do something with yourself.

A large part of the problem we find ourselves in is that it’s so acceptable in society to just give up. I see posts all the time with shit like “when life closes a door, another one opens up”. Sometimes that’s actually true, but as a society we close the door on ourselves. It’s depressing how complacent people get with getting rejected or turned down. You post about how badly you want something, but the second you run into trouble, or actually have to put your money where your mouth is and work, you give up. It’s too hard. You hide behind your cowardly posts with clever and precious quotes. “It wasn’t meant to be”….Or maybe you just didn’t want it as bad as you claimed to.

It’s depressing how complacent people have become with their lives that rejection and giving up are just a natural occurrence to them. Now, I can already sense the butt hurt of some people reading this. I didn’t put any names in here, but if you’re reading this and feel the sting of offense then all I have to say is “if the shoe fits….”

Perhaps instead of wallowing in self pity in the view of all your followers, how about you suck it up and bust your ass to get what you want. By the way, this is coming from someone who growing up was always the runt and was always told what I “couldn’t do”. So don’t tell me I don’t get it. Because I busted my ass…and I am now fitter, stronger, and more successful than the people who told me I couldn’t. Sip on that shit for a minute.

Instead of living by the quote “when life closes a door, another one opens”, you breach that shit and you make entry. You don’t have to try at something only once. If you really want it…I mean want it so bad you can taste it, then you should be willing to try at it ten thousand times if need be. Only let that door close when your soul feels closure with that situation…then you can talk about what “wasn’t meant to be”. Otherwise all you’ll ever amount to is being that floppy cock posting clever quotes on Facebook and talking about what could have been.

I don’t care how low of a point you get to; if you can look up — you can get the fuck up. And you should be willing to eliminate any thing or any person standing in the way of that. Stop hanging around with people who just wander aimlessly through life and drag you down. If you want to soar with the eagles, stop chilling with the turkeys before you end up as someone’s meal. Unless of corse having a life without ambition is your ultimate goal.

So instead of sticking yourself in the endless “new years” loop pretending that you’re going to become a completely new person, you take yourself and you progress into something better. Because progression is a beautiful thing and having lessons learned makes us wiser. And while the rest of you are focusing on that “new year, new me” shit, please rest assured that I will continue to be the asshole that I’ve always been…just a better one. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year folks!

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